Isphahan Gelato Cake

Pistachio & Summer Berries Gelato Cake
// 6-8 Slices
AED 249

Our first gelato cake. Serves 6-8 portions. Here are the layers:

Pistachio & Summer Berries Gelato
Pistachio Sponge Cake
Berry & Rose Compote
Caramelized Pistachios 


• Gelato cake delivered in Styro foam box 
• Store your cake in the freezer as soon as it is delivered 

• When ready to serve, take your cake out and place on your serving dish
• Insert your cake topper on the cake
• Leave your cake in room temperature for 5- 10 minutes before cutting
• Share with the people you love or indulge alone
• You can store it in the freezer and safely eat for a week